SPTA Buffer Polisher, 780W 6inch Dual Action Random Orbital Car Polisher

This great electric car buffer will speed up your detailing process ideal for car buffing, polishing and waxing. It is perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches and defects from all painted vehicles, tile, cars, ships, furniture, etc.


SPTA orbit DA polisher, come with 8pcs sponge polishing pads, 5 inch and 6 inch backing plates, 2pcs wool pads, 24pcs sanding papers, 1pc wool washing mitt, 2pcs microfiber cloths and other accessories, contains almost all items you need, just make your car polishing and waxing project finish in one-step.


  • 125mm & 150mm dual action polisher

  • 6 variable speed available

  • A D shape handle provides better grasp feeling


  • None

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